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Amies medium swab transport medium swab

HCY transport systems is state of the art bacteriology transport swabs, providing capability & sustaining viability of fastidious aerobic or anaerobic bacteria during collection,transit or storage in room temperature. It’s produced using a unique bio-treatment process together with a careful selection of glue and binding agents that maximizes organism survival on the swab, and subsequent release into the test platform or onto the culture media.
No glass ampoules to break, No seals or barriers to puncture swab immediately in direct contact with fluid filled sponge,no dry swab samples! Choice of liquid stuart or superior liquid amies medium,stays anchored In place

Application:Ear,nose,throat,eye,male,urethral,fecal,vaginal,wound,pediatric or skin specimen sampling for medial diagnostic

Product Name Collection swab with amies transport medium CY-90003T(Amies)
Patent No. In China 4970329,4968923,4969907,4262124,4970026,4262124,4969319
Certificate FDA,CE,EU,Free Sale,Export license based on (GMP)
Swab option Ear,nose,throat,eye,male urethral,fecal,vaginal,wound,pediatric or skin collection swab
Tip material Soft Rayon Handle material Plastic
Tube dimension 12*150mm Cap option Blue,green,orange
Medium volume 3ml Pack Tamper evident seal
Medium option Stuartm Cary blair, Amies agar gel Swab total length 150mm
Collection method Non-invasive Sterility Sterile
Storage Room Temperature (15-30℃) Shelf life 1 year
Package Individual pouch,100pcs/Box, 10 Boxs/case,                           Case size:61.5*31.5*46cm,G/W:13kg OEM/ODM Customization of design,color, logo,pack,swab shape & break point
Capacity 480,000 sets/15 days MOQ 10000 sets
Lead Time 12-18 days from deposit Sample Validity ≥48 hrs in room temperature
Payment L/C, T/T, Money Gram,Escow, Paypal, Western Union,DDP,DAP
Shipping By sea,by air, by Express DHL,Fedex,UPS or TNT

Sampling sites:Ear,nose,throat,eye,male urethral,fecal,vaginal,wound,pediatric or skin etc

1.The narrow dimension of the swab shafts and small tip provides a more practical device for some pediatric swab sampling.
2.Rayon Tip (open weave for optimum release of microorganisms).
3.Low bioburden

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