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Disposable oral sampling swab

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Disposable oral sampling swab

Why use a flocking swab?


Nylon swab: superior sample collection/release capacity, release rate >80%

Conventional fiber swabs:

The sample is trapped by the interstitial space of the fiber mass, ie the sample is infiltrated, diluted, and trapped within the fiber. The acquisition is slow and the release is slower.

The flocking swab collects the sample for 3-5 seconds, while the cotton swab collects for 15 to 120 seconds, or even longer, which creates pressure on the staff during the diagnosis. Acquisition analysis can be done more efficiently with faster sample extraction.

Extraction of DNA from trace biological samples by Huachenyang flocking swab and composite nano cotton swab swab. Methods Three kinds of common carriers (glass, one-word opener, drawer handle) were selected, and the DNA samples on the surface of the carrier were simulated by disinfection and decontamination treatment. The DNA was extracted from the carrier by Huachenyang flocking swab and composite nano cotton swab swab. For the sample, the number of STR typing loci, the number of allele loss, and the height of the peak were detected as the comparison indicators. Results Five micro-DNA samples were successfully detected in the micro-DNA sample group of Huachenyang flocking swab, and 4 samples were effectively detected. 9 micro-DNA samples in the micro-DNA swab extraction micro-DNA sample group were effectively detected; The number of alleles lost in the swab swab extraction group was significantly higher than that of Huachenyang iClean, and the peak height area was significantly lower than Huachenyang. Conclusion Huachenyang flocking swab has better DNA extraction effect on the surface of the glass surface fingerprinting, the exfoliated cells on the surface of the knife and the exfoliated cells on the surface of the drawer handle than the composite nano cotton swab.

Huachenyang flocking swab features

Huachenyang Medical uses a swab that sprays densely planted nylon fiber technology.

According to different analysis items, there are soft or brushed swabs, which have reached the maximum collection.

The only disposable sterile injection swab in the world with a break point.

The flocking cotton swab technology increases the amount of adsorption/release of the specimen and improves the sensitivity of the analysis.

No sample retention, indicating that the specimen can be delivered faster and less.

Upright nylon fibers like a soft brush can collect more cell specimens. The capillary action between the nylon fibers enhances the loading of the aqueous sample, and the samples are concentrated on the surface of the swab to elute more easily. Nylon nasopharyngeal swabs can absorb and release more samples.


1. Made using non-inhibiting DNA amplification material, after verification by direct PCR amplification, the extraction step is omitted.

2. Use a single package to avoid contamination.

3. Strict process conditions, free of DNase and amplifiable human DNA.

4. The pipe body is transparent and the material is visually visible.

5. The unique patented casing design ensures the air circulation inside the casing, prevents the sample from being mildewed due to the humid sealing environment, and avoids the pollution of the magazine in the outside air, thus affecting the inspection quality.

Product advantages:

1. Designed for DNA micro-samples on crime scenes, especially for micro-samples such as sweat, semen, blood, dander, and oral cells.

2. It can quickly adsorb a small amount of sample and has high efficiency when released.

3. The front end is sharp, suitable for the extraction of cells in the nails of crime victims or criminal suspects.

4. The back end of the swab can be broken to facilitate the extraction of samples by the automated extraction workstation.

5. The entire swab is packaged in a clear plastic tube to avoid biofouling.

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