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One-time sampling swab stool
Product Name: Disposable medical nylon flocking sampling swab

Product Category: Disposable medical supplies

Number: CY-98000

Uses: For sampling, the release amount is up to 90%; for example, a virus sample for collecting human respiratory tract and urethra infection,

And oral mucosal DNA extraction, etc.

Product introduction: Nylon flocking sampling swab is a new product in domestic medical sampling supplies. The nylon flocking sampling swab consists of a handle, a connecting rod and a sampling head. The handle is long and the handle is long, and the handle can be adjusted before and after, which is suitable for various people. The connecting rod has a long and soft connecting rod to effectively protect the sampled tissue from damage. The sampling head consists of nylon fluff and viscose, which is harmless to microorganisms and increases the amount of sample collected and released. Nylon flocking swabs and supporting collection tubes and transport tubes form a sample collection system.

Instructions for use: (One-time surface sampling rod is also called surface sampling / culture tube)
1: Visually inspect the disposable surface sampling rod before use. When the solution is clear yellowish, it can be used if it is not leaked.
2: Mark the sample information on the label of the disposable surface sampling rod container.
3: Unscrew the rotation and remove the applicator head with a long handle.
4: Apply the corresponding area to be inspected according to the test requirements.
5: Put the applicator head back into the container, tighten the cap, and shake the container horizontally to release the microbes on the applicator head.
6: Put the sampled disposable surface sampling rod back into the box for carrying.

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