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DNA oral swab routine sampling method

7月 23, 2018

DNA oral swab routine sampling method

The sampling of oral swabs (oral exfoliated cells) is a simple, painless and noninvasive method for DNA specimen collection. This method is suitable for collecting DNA samples from any age group.

1. before sampling

Please do not eat, smoke or drink for 30 minutes before sampling.

(1) prepare a glass of water, drink about 50ml of water and wash your mouth for about 10 seconds.

(2) repeat the above steps 2-3 times.

2. oral cell sampling

(1) tear the outer package of the oral swab and carefully remove the swab. (Note: the hand can not touch the swab during the whole sampling process).

(2) hold the handle and stretch the swab into the left oral cavity to make the swab head fully contact the mucous membrane of the left cheek / left upper and lower teeth, wiping up and down with the strength of brushing teeth. At the same time, the swab is rotated to make the swab head fully contact the oral mucosa and repeat the movement for 1 minutes.

(3) use the same method to sample second swabs on the right cheek / right upper and lower gums mucosa.

(4) wipe the swab with oral exfoliated cells in the clean ventilating place, at least one hour until dry, and return to the collection tube to complete the sampling.

3. after sampling

(1) after filling out your name on the collection tube label, put the collection tube into the self sealed bag, and then register your related information at the front label of the self sealed bag: name, sex, age and date of collection.

(2) please fill in the relevant information on the registration form carefully. If you choose anonymous detection, please fill in the bar code number on the registration form.

(3) deliver the self sealing bag with the collecting tube and the registration form to the company at normal temperature.

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