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el tubo de muestreo del virus

» el tubo de muestreo del virus

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How many common virus sampling tubes are there?

What is the function of the virus preservation solution?

Whether it is nucleic acid detection or virus detection, virus preservation solution and sampling swabs play a huge role. Sampling swabs are used to collect virus samples, while virus preservation solution plays a role in preserving these virus samples, which not only guarantees nucleic acid The integrity of the virus also facilitates later detection accuracy. How many kinds of virus preservation solutions are there? What are the functions and differences?

Currently, there are two types of virus preservation solutions on the market, namely an inactivated virus preservation solution and a non-inactivated virus preservation solution.

Detailed description of the inactivated preservation solution:

The inactivated virus preservation solution is used to lyse and inactivate the virus. It can protect the inspectors from the second infection of the virus. Inactivated virus preservation solution is mainly a virus lysis preservation solution modified from nucleic acid extraction lysis solution, which is added with a high concentration of lysis salt, which can quickly and efficiently lyse and inactivate the virus protein in the sample to be tested, and also contains RNase Inhibitor, which can not only protect the viral nucleic acid from being degraded, but also ensure the integrity of the nucleic acid without affecting the subsequent test results. It can also be stored for a relatively long time at room temperature, saving the cost of virus samples and transportation.

Non-inactivated virus preservation solution:

The non-inactivated virus preservation solution is to retain the protein shell of the virus and the virus nucleic acid DNA or RNA, so that the integrity of the virus sample nucleic acid during the inspection process can be guaranteed. Although there is a certain risk of infectivity in the case of operating errors, However, this kind of preservation solution maintains the originality of the virus sample to the greatest extent, and is a culture-type virus transport medium. It should be noted that for long-term preservation, strict low-temperature preservation must be maintained after sampling.

Comparison of the two:

Relatively speaking, the non-inactivated virus preservation solution will have higher requirements for the laboratory, and at the same time, the sensitivity should be higher, and the application will be more. However, it is more susceptible to infection. As long as there is no problem in sampling and detection operations, it will not There are risks. As for the choice of inactivated and non-inactivated virus preservation solutions, this cannot be generalized. It should be purchased according to different needs, and the price determines the quality of the product. Don’t be greedy for the small and lose the big.

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