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Solución de conservación de muestras

» Solución de conservación de muestras

Introduction of sample preservation solution

Solución de conservación de muestras
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Introduction of sample preservation solution

The sample preservation solution is used for the preservation of biological tissues and cytopathological analysis samples. It is only used for in vitro diagnosis, not for internal or external use in humans or animals.

Principle of Inspection

Potassium and magnesium ions provide the required nutrient environment for the cells. The anticoagulant can chelate the heavy metal ions introduced in the solution to prevent cell aggregation. The appropriate buffer can keep the cell shape intact to the greatest extent, so that it can be fully suspended and dispersed.


1. Before sampling, mark the relevant sample information on the label of the sampling tube.

2. Use a sampling swab (or collector) to sample.

3. After sampling, quickly put the sampling swab into the sampling tube containing the sample storage solution, and break the part higher than the sampling tube (or put the sample collected by the collector into the sampling tube containing the sample storage solution, Mix well), screw the cap of the tube tightly.


1. This product is only used for in vitro diagnosis.

2. After collecting the sample with the sampling swab, the head of the sampling swab should be completely immersed in the sample preservation solution to maximize the retention of cells.

3. If you find that the amount of cells is too small during film production, you can appropriately increase the sample size.

4. The collected samples must be fresh and fixed in time to avoid autolysis of cells.

5. The product should be sealed, avoid high temperature, and avoid direct sunlight. It should be used in a clean, hygienic, pollution-free, and temperature-suitable environment.

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