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Precauciones para las pruebas genéticas

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Precauciones para las pruebas genéticas


1. 30 minutos antes de la toma de muestras, please refrain from eating, drinking, smoking or drinking.

2. Hisopo de muestreo head, do not contact with other objects such as cheeks, fingers, teeth, etc.. If you accidentally touch the swab head or the swab head falls off during the sampling process, please replace with a new sampling swab. Take a sample.

3. Do not use if the package is opened or damaged.

Método de recogida de


Huachenyang oral swab consists of three parts: sampling cotton swab head, sleeve rod and push rod. Its purpose is to collect and preserve oral mucosal epithelial exfoliated cells. Whether you are in a medical examination center, company or home, you can do it yourself.

1. First rinse your mouth with water 2-3 times to ensure a clean mouth. Then take out the oral swab, press the cotton swab head of the Brilliance Yang swab against the inner wall of the mouth lightly to make the cheek slightly convex, one up and down is 1 time, y 20 veces.

2. After the scraping is finished, insert the cotton swab head into the sample collection tube, push the back rod of the swab with your fingers, drive the cotton swab head into the tube, tighten the tube cap, and shake it well.

3. Siguiente, take a buccal swab and repeat the action just once on the other side of the mouth. The collected DNA sample can be stored at room temperature.

Genetic testing is a technology that detects DNA through blood, other body fluids, or cells. Individuality can be determined, and the characteristics of the group (ancestral origin) can also be determined through group comparison. The needle in a haystack first reduces the area and then detects the individuality.

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