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La colección de hisopos de garganta utiliza varios niveles de protección

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La colección de hisopos de garganta utiliza varios niveles de protección

En 2019-2020, the New Year’s bell is about to ring. When people are completely plunged into the festive moment for 2020, a virus outbreak in Wuhan instantly swallowed the lives of countless people, leaving the entire China in a haze of pain and panic. In order to make fewer people sacrificed in the epidemic, the country sent adeath squadto go retrograde and rush to the battlefield to fight the virus…

Today, although we have contained the epidemic, there have been no new cases in the country in a few months, but the throat swab collection uses several levels of protection to prevent the virus from spreading again. This is still a concern for many people. After all, China It’s the autumn and winter season again, so today the editor compiled some information about throat swab protection, let’s learn together.

In the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, in order to minimize the risk of infection of the prevention and control personnel, the general throat swab collection medical staff adopts the secondary protection, so what is the secondary protection (protection requirement)?

Protection requirements for secondary protection:

(1), wear a disposable hat

(2). Medical protective masks (N95 or higher medical protective masks)

(3), goggles (anti-fog type) or protective mask (anti-fog type)

(4), medical protective clothing or white lab coat plus a medical protective clothing

, wear disposable gloves

⑥Wear disposable shoe covers

Who is the secondary protection for?

① Close contacts, collection workers, suspected cases or confirmed cases who have symptoms of pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus are undergoing fluid heart disease investigation.

(2)、Personnel who perform initial and final disinfection in the foci

(3). Laboratory personnel who process and test specimens in the biological safety cabinet.

④ Drivers and medical staff for patient transfer

⑤ Medical staff who enter the COVID-19 isolation observation room, isolation ward or isolation ward for diagnosis, treatment, cleaning and disinfection.

The epidemic situation is not so intense now. General hospitals have secondary protection. In addition to secondary protection, there is the most rigorous and demanding tertiary protection. The tertiary protection generally depends on whether the hospital has this condition. Echemos un vistazo.

Who is generally prepared for Level 3 protection?

① Persons who collect specimens from close contacts, suspected or confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection.

(2). Specimen handling and testing are personnel who may produce aerosol operations.

(3). Observation of pneumonia or confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection may produce aerosol brachytherapy operations (such as: endotracheal intubation, atomization treatment, sputum examination, bronchoscopy, respiratory sputum suction, Nursing of tracheal incisions, chest physiotherapy, nasopharyngeal suction, positive pressure ventilation with mask (such as BIPAP, CPAP), high-frequency concussion synchronization, resuscitation operation, lung biopsy, etcetera.)

④ Staff who handle the blood, secretions, excrement of patients and the corpses of dead patients.

What are the protection requirements for level three? Will it be similar to secondary protection?

In fact, the third-level protection is based on the second-level protection (wear what you need for the second-level protection first), replace the goggles (anti-fog type) with a protective mask, and replace the comprehensive respiratory protection or higher level Filtered respirator with electric air supply (positive pressure headgear)

Ok, today’s sharing is over, if you have anything you want to know or suggest, please leave a comment.

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