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Foam tip clean swab CY-FS708

10月 1, 2016

Foam tip clean swab CY-FS708

Factory Selling green handle clean room cleaning printer head foam tip swabs for electronics Industrial cleaning

HCY foam tipped swabs are industry standard for electronics production,low linting,low particulate anti-static and clean room swabs. And it’s made of solvent-resistant polypropylene handle & special open cell reticulated foam head containing 100 pores per square inch(100 ppi reticulated foam) for strength and abrasion resistance. Foam structure is extremely effective in particle entrapment and retention. The foam head is thermally bonded to the swab shaft, avoiding the use of glue or solvents,which decreases the possibility of contamination and minimal particle shedding.These swabs are durable and non-abrasive,laundered to be clean and pure before use,compatible with most organic solvents like Isopropyl alcohol,adhesives, lubricants, solvents, or other liquid cleaning compounds, making these swabs ideal for applying lubricants and removing excess materials.Made and packaged in a our Class 100,000 clean room

Application:industry standard for electronics production, cleaning with harsh solvents

For clean room
For general applications
Applying lubricants and removing excess materials
Cleaning recessed and hard to reach surfaces
for applications with critical contamination sensitivity
For cleaning with harsh solvents such as Isopropyl Alcohol,acetone, trichloroethane, and nitric and sulfuric acids.

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