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prélèvement de gorge

» prélèvement de gorge

Que savez-vous sur l’écouvillon de gorge Huachen Yang

prélèvement de gorge
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Que savez-vous sur l’écouvillon de gorge Huachen Yang

Throat swab inspection is to take secretions from the throat, conduct bacterial culture, and then conduct a drug susceptibility test based on the infected bacteria. The result of the examination can provide an important basis for the accurate medication of the clinician.

Throat swabs are generally used to check respiratory diseases, such as acute suppurative tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis, diphtheria and other respiratory diseases. After taking out the secretions and performing corresponding examinations, it can be known which bacteria are the main infections of the patient. Finally, the doctor will use the susceptibility results of the cultured bacteria as an important basis for clinical medication.

In terms of performance, the swab should be able to withstand 4N static pressure perpendicular to the axial direction for 15s without permanent deformation or breaking. The breaking force of the depression at the tip of the swab should be no less than 2N.

In appearance, a qualified throat Prélèvement should be very clean and odorless. It should be soft to the touch, free from macular spots, smudges or foreign bodies. The appearance should be correct, neat, smooth, and uniform in color. , No burrs, no mildew spots, scars, scratches, cracks and other defects.

Be careful when using it, flocking has a very light tingling sensation on the skin.

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