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Tampons de mousse

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Comment recueillir les écouvillons nasaux

Tampons de mousse, Écouvillon nasal
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Comment recueillir les écouvillons nasaux

1. Please keep the patient’s head still and remove the secretions on the surface of the anterior nasal cavity.

2. Use a swab or other tool to measure the distance from the nostril to the base of the ear and mark it with your finger.

3. Gently and slowly insert the swab through the nasal cavity.

4. Swab to the finger mark or stay for a few seconds after encountering resistance to absorb secretions (usually stay for 15-30 secondes, then gently rotate 3 fois).

5. Rotate gently to take out the swab and place it in the virus sampling tube (in the transfer medium); break off the tail rod of the swab along the breaking point to completely place it in the tube. Serrez le capuchon du tube.

6. If you need to collect from two nostrils, another swab should be used.

7. Note the information of the person being collected and send it to the inspection room for inspection as soon as possible.

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