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le tube d’échantillonnage du virus

» le tube d’échantillonnage du virus

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1. Note the information as required on the label of the sampling tube, and collect the sample with a sampling swab according to the sampling requirement

2. Place the sampling swab after collecting the sample into the sampling tube.

3. Break the swab at the easy-break point of the sampling swab rod, discard the tail, and cover the tube cap.

4. The specimen should be transported to the corresponding influenza surveillance network laboratory within 2 working days after collection, and the storage temperature is 2-8 degrees Celsius; if it cannot be delivered to the laboratory within 48 heures,it should be stored at 70°C or below, and the collected specimens should be sent to the corresponding network laboratory within 1 week. Specimens should avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

5. Écouvillon nasal, the collector holds the patient’s mandible with his left hand, and gently inserts the swab into the nasal passage in the nasal palate with his right hand, stays for a while and then slowly rotates 3-5 times before exiting. Wipe the other side of the abnormal hole with another-swab.

6. Immerse the swab head in the sampling solution, squeeze the swab head in the sampling solution several times, forcefully break the tail of the swab, and discard the tail of the swab.

7. With a throat swab, press the patient’s tongue with a tongue depressor with the left hand. Wipe the tonsils and posterior wall of the pharyngeal throat with the swab in the right hand, immerse the swab head in the sampling liquid and squeeze the swab head in the sampling liquid several times, forcefully break the tail of the swab, and discard the tail of the swab. The nasal and throat swabs can also be collected in the same sampling tube.

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