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écouvillons de troupeaux

» écouvillons de troupeaux

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The cotton swab head is made of fully-opened foam. The cells are particularly uniform and have good oil resistance. It is bonded at high temperature and never uses adhesives that will pollute the dust-free product. It is fixed on the PP rod by heat sealing. It is soft and resistant to abrasion. The anti-chemical solvent performance can effectively clean the surface of the object without scratching the surface.

Purification cotton swabs, also known as dust-free cotton swabs and dust-free wiping sticks, are clean cotton swabs produced in a clean room (salle blanche). It is a clean room cleaning consumable, and the dust-free purification cotton swab must be strictly in accordance with the dust-free The various production requirements of the room are produced by a professional manufacturer of dust-free cotton swabs, but due to the difference in material and production technology, it is also divided into grades. Its grade is compatible with the grade of the clean room, and the grade of the clean room is divided into 100w level, 10w level, ten thousand level, thousand level, hundred level (level from low to high)

Clean cotton swabs, also known as dust-free cotton swabs, are clean cotton swabs produced in clean rooms. Cotton swab generally refers to

It is made of medical absorbent cotton and refined bamboo or wooden poles. The cotton head has strong water absorption.

The venom wipes the skin evenly to achieve a disinfection effect. It is suitable for skin disinfection and surgical dressings during injection.

Can be used for makeup and makeup removal.

But purification cotton swabs in the purification industry include: absorbent cotton swabs, sponge cotton swabs, cloth cotton swabs and foam cotton swabs. It refers to an industrial or medical cotton swab that is produced, cut, formed, cleaned, and packaged in a dust-free purification workshop. The whole process is produced in a clean room to ensure the cleanliness of the cotton swab.

Our products are packaged in independent paper-plastic sterilization bags.

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