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Écouvillons floqués

» Écouvillons floqués

Précautions pour les écouvillons oraux

Écouvillons floqués, écouvillons de troupeaux, orale swabs, échantillon-tige
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Précautions pour les écouvillons oraux

(1) Prepare a cup of saline, drink about 50~100ml of saline and rinse your mouth thoroughly for about 10~20 seconds, then spit it out

(2) Gently tear open the packaging bag of the oral swab, and hold the handle of the oral swab with your hand

(Remarque: Do not touch the head of the sampling swab with your hands and other objects)

and stretch out the left side of the inner wall of the inlet cavity

(touch the left side) Inside the cheeks)

Then use the strength of brushing to wipe up and down (wipe around 15-30 fois)

(3) Use the same method to take a second buccal swab and extend it to the right side of the inner wall of the cavity for sampling. Continue to scrape the cell DNA sample

(4) Put the sampled oral swab in the cell preservation solution and break off the head, put it in the sampling tube, paste the barcode, and put it in the return bag. Write the name and date and other relevant information.

(5) Complete sampling and send it to the laboratory

(6) Take care not to touch the sampling head with hands and other objects;

(7) Do not smoke, drink, eat, etc.. 30 minutes avant l’échantillonnage. Remember.

(8) The oral swab is a single-use product and should not be used twice. Do not use it if the package is damaged.

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