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Tube de prélèvement d’échantillons de virus

» Tube de prélèvement d’échantillons de virus

La portée de l’application du tube d’échantillonnage du virus de Huachenyang

Tube de prélèvement d’échantillons de virus, production de tubes d’échantillonnage des virus
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La portée de l’application du tube d’échantillonnage du virus de Huachenyang

Virus sampling tubes can be used for the monitoring and sampling of infectious pathogenic microorganisms by disease control departments and clinical departments. It is suitable for the detection and sampling of influenza viruses (including general influenza, highly pathogenic avian influenza, A H1N1 influenza virus, etc.), hand, foot and mouth virus, new crown virus, measles and rubella and other types of viruses. The virus sampling tube can also be used for the detection and sampling of mycoplasma, chlamydia and ureaplasma.

The virus and related samples in the virus sampling tube should be stored and transported within 48 hours under refrigeration (2-8°C). Long-term storage of viruses and related samples in -80℃ environment or liquid nitrogen environment. The virus can maintain the activity of the virus in a lower temperature range, reduce the speed of virus decomposition, and increase the positive rate of virus isolation.

What conditions must a good virus sampling tube meet?

The biggest feature of an excellent virus sampling tube is that the number of viruses it collects and releases is much higher than that of ordinary virus sampling tubes, and it ensures the activity and integrity of virus particles, which provides the primary guarantee for subsequent virus isolation and nucleic acid detection.

1. In terms of sample validity:

(1) The non-inactivated virus preservation solution must maintain the activity of the pathogenic infectious agent, and it is best to maintain the activity of the virus at room temperature. Meet the time from sample sampling to laboratory testing.

(2) The inactivated virus storage solution needs to inactivate the virus but maintain the nucleic acid of the virus.

(3) It is necessary to limit and prevent the reproduction of symbiotic microorganisms to ensure the reliability of diagnostic tests.

2. In terms of safety:

Because the virus sampling tubes are basically all infectious substances, and some are highly pathogenic infectious substances, the requirements for packaging containers are very strict, and they need to meet safety and ensure that liquids do not leak during transportation.

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