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Que se passe-t-il si le tube d’échantillonnage du virus est en cas d’urgence?

If there is no virus sampling tube, then the first step of the nucleic acid test of the new coronavirus cannot be completed normally. This will prevent many patients from being diagnosed and treated in the first time, and the progress of epidemic prevention and control will be affected. .

We all know that nucleic acid detection (PCR fluorescence method) is the main method for the detection of new coronaviruses. The supply of its kits plays a vital role in the diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia and the prevention and control of the entire epidemic.

The current epidemic situation in my country can be regarded as basically under control, but there are still a small number of places where the disease is repeated. So at present, the capacity of virus sampling tubes for nucleic acid detection reagents in my country can fully meet the needs of national epidemic prevention and control. This is undoubtedly good news.

Seeing this, will you be curious what a virus sampling tube is?

Virus sampling tube is a transport medium used for the detection and sampling of infectious pathogenic microorganisms by disease control departments and clinical departments. It is suitable for the collection, storage and transportation of influenza virus, hand, foot and mouth virus, measles and rubella virus, including the new coronavirus.

Taking the new coronavirus as an example, first we need to collect samples. The conventional sample types include throat swabs, nasal swabs, sputum, bronchial lavage fluid, alveolar lavage fluid, etc.. The virus sampling tube is used for sampling. The RNase-free storage tube is used to transport nasopharyngeal swab specimens or tissue specimens of specific parts from the sampling site to the testing laboratory for PCR extraction and testing.

The virus sampling tube is mainly composed of three parts: Prélèvement + sampling tube + preservation liquid. The preservation liquid is mainly Hank’s basic liquid, adding BSA and other virus stabilizing ingredients, which can maintain the activity of the virus in a wide temperature range and reduce the virus Decomposition speed improves the positive rate of virus isolation.

Shenzhen Huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and develops disposable medical consumables products, which involve molecular diagnostics, nucleic acid virus detection and medical testing. Product quality has been verified by customers in the diagnostic field to meet customer needs, and can provide high-quality raw materials for new crown virus detection, helping to win the epidemic prevention and control sniper battle.

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