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Tube de prélèvement d’échantillons de virus

» Tube de prélèvement d’échantillons de virus

Qu’est-ce qu’un tube d’échantillonnage de virus

Tube de prélèvement d’échantillons de virus
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Qu’est-ce qu’un tube d’échantillonnage de virus

Le virus sample tube is suitable for new coronavirus, infected virus, grippe aviaire (such as H7N9), hand-mouth virus, paralysis and other virus specimens, as well as the collection and carrying of sample specimens. The original state of the virus and related samples (such as H7N9). 2-8℃) within 48 hours of storage and transportation. Continuous storage of viruses and related samples in a -80℃ environment or liquid nitrogen environment.

Virus sampling tubes generally like to use écouvillons de troupeaux. From the appearance, the flocking swabs are white and soft. Students who use soft brushes have no foreign body sensation and are suitable for purchase. There are also flocking hairs with a design of a variety of lengths. As well as the breaking point of the human body’s natural intestinal tract, it is easy to carry some portable tubes.

Virus sampling tubes can be used for disease control and clinical departments to monitor and monitor the original dimension of children. It is suitable for testing samples for infection with viruses (including general, high-grade avian influenza, H1N1 influenza viruses, etc.), hand-mouth viruses, new coronaviruses, measles and rubella, and other types of viruses. Virus sampling can also be used to test samples for mycoplasma, chlamydia and mycoplasma.

The virus of the virus sample and the related samples are stored and transported in 48 in the tube state (2-8°C). Long-term storage of viruses and related samples in -80℃ environment or liquid nitrogen environment. Maintain the reduction of viruses in a low temperature range, reduce the speed of virus reduction, and reduce the reduction rate of virus isolation.


1. This product is only used for subtle differences.

2. The liquid in the tube is for collection and sampling, and sampling cannot be used before.

3. Discarded sample collection fluid should be processed.

4. It is forbidden to use it if it is found to be dirty, liquid dirty, turbid, or leaking.

5. The virus sampling tube is used for intestinal diseases. It cannot be used for internal or external use in humans or animals, or swallowed by mistake.

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