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How are cotton swabs better than flocking swabs?

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How are cotton swabs better than flocking swabs?

Are you also curious, the same is a medical swab, why is there a difference between cotton swab and flocking swab? Compared with cotton swabs, flocking swabs are better than cotton swabs.

Flocking swab sampling is more comfortable than cotton swab sampling, and it is more convenient to use:

First of all, the current flocking swabs generally use “spraying technology”, which uses electrostatic charges to vertically attach millions of nylon fibers to the head of medical handles during the flocking process. Such vertical nylon fibers are similar to soft brushes. In this way, the user will feel very comfortable during the sampling process without any foreign body sensation. At the same time, the flocking swab can take different break points according to the sampling requirements of different parts, and the rod can also be of different thickness to make the softness different. For example, the nasal swab, the upper end of the rod will be more Other swabs are softer and have longer break points.

Traditional cotton swabs can generally only be used for the collection of vaginal, cervix and urethral specimens for mycoplasma test, and are not suitable for the collection of bacteria (especially fastidious bacteria) and chlamydia test specimens. In this way, the scope of application of cotton swabs is not as large as flocking swabs.

The release amount of flocking swabs to the sample will be greater than that of cotton swabs:

Secondly, the capillary between the nylon fibers used in the flocking swab will promote the strong hydraulic absorption of the liquid sample and keep the sample on the surface. And flocking swabs have been proven to release up to 95% of samples. In this way, the elution in the subsequent detection will be easier than that of a cotton swab, and the result of the test will be more accurate.

In contrast, the traditional standard fiber tip swab can release 25%. If the sample size is particularly small, the use of flocking swabs is particularly important.

Flocking swabs are biocompatible and ideal for PCR work:

Furthermore, in order to limit the damage to the sample and improve the accuracy of detection, the cotton swab is made of completely inert material. Moreover, most of the samples collected by traditional cotton swabs will be intercepted in the fiber matrix, which is not easy to release or the release amount is small, which will have a great impact on the subsequent detection.

The flocking swab is PCR compatible and does not contain RNase and DNase, so for scientists who use PCR technology, the new flocking swab is the ideal and best choice.

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