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How long can the cell preservation solution be stored?

Cell preservation solution
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How long can the cell preservation solution be stored?

Generally, the time of cell preservation solution is one year or three years. However, if it is not stored in accordance with the regulations, the storage time will be affected.

Storage conditions

1. The temperature is 15℃~30℃.

2. The relative temperature is less than 85%RH.

The cell preservation solution can maintain and fix the original cell morphology and structure, which is the basis of pathological cell diagnosis. If the cell morphology and structure change, it may cause errors in the diagnosis results. Therefore, the cell preservation solution is required to fix the cell morphology. The cell preservation solution has a diluting effect, can separate a large number of effective cells embedded in the mucus, remove impurities, keep the cells in good shape, do not test for degeneration, and prolong the preservation time of the samples. Make more cells of test value be preserved, provide a sufficient number of cells, and provide a guarantee for the accuracy of test results.


1. This product is only used for in vitro diagnosis.

2. After the cell sample is collected, the swab head should be completely immersed in the preservation solution to maximize the retention of cells.

3. If the amount of cells is found to be too small during film preparation, the amount of cell suspension can be appropriately increased.

4. The collected specimens must be fresh and fixed in time to avoid autolysis of cells.

5. The preservation solution after collecting the specimens can be stored at room temperature for 4 weeks, and the cells will not be deformed.

6. The cell preservation solution is only used for in vitro diagnosis. It cannot be used for internal or external use in humans or animals. If swallowed, it may cause serious incidents. The liquid is irritating to the eyes and skin to a certain extent. If it accidentally splashes into the eyes, rinse with water. It should be ventilated during use.

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