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How to use an oropharyngeal swab

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How to use an oropharyngeal swab

1. Ask the patient to sit down, tilt his head back, and open his mouth wide.

2. The sampler can fix the tongue with a tongue depressor, and use an oropharyngeal swab to cross the root of the tongue to the posterior pharyngeal wall, tonsil recess, side wall, etc.

3. Wipe 3~5 times repeatedly to collect mucosal cells.

4. Take out the swab gently to avoid touching the tongue, pituitary, oral mucosa and saliva.

5. Put the sampling swab with the sample vertically into the virus sampling tube, break the swab when it is broken, and discard the swab tail.

6. Tighten the cap of the tube, put it in a biosafety bag, and send it for inspection in time.


1. For purulent pharyngitis, the bacterial culture of oropharyngeal swabs is mainly used to screen group A β-hemolytic streptococcus and hemolytic cryptobacteria.

2. When testing Neisseria gonorrhoeae in oropharyngeal swabs, the clinic needs to inform the laboratory in advance.

3. For pediatric patients, Haemophilus influenzae should be reported routinely.

4. Under normal circumstances, throat swab specimens are not used alone to diagnose upper respiratory tract infections, and should be combined with nasopharyngeal swabs or nasopharyngeal aspirates to increase the pathogen detection rate of respiratory tract infections.

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