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One-time DNA collection flocking swab

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One-time DNA sampling flocking swab

Nasopharyngeal virus collection

Microrheology microbiology

Industry / Forensic Science



Medical sample collection

One-time DNA sampling flocking swab

Ergonomic and anatomical design
Used to improve patient comfort and cell sample collection efficiency.

Excellent sample elution
Using an open fiber structure, when the sample is sandwiched in the mattress core, unlike conventional wound swabs, it immediately removes the sample cells into the liquid medium.

Rapid absorption (the improved sample collection)
The sprayed fibers that are electrostatically filled and adhered to the applicator* in a uniform vertical manner and by strong capillary action are rapidly absorbed.

Increased measurement sensitivity
Nylon flocking swabs have been shown to quickly elute >95% of the original sample, thus easily leading to an increase in assay sensitivity.

Simply collect, capture and transport
Peel open the bag, collect the cell sample and snap the applicator shaft into the supplied transport medium or cuvette.

Quantitative volume
Delivering measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patient to test tube without internal mattress core to disperse and capture precious samples like traditional filament wound swabs. In sharp contrast, the entire sample remains close to the surface for rapid and complete elution.

Vertical nylon fiber
Like a soft brush, it improves the collection of cell samples. The capillary action between the nylon fiber strands promotes strong hydraulic uptake of the cell specimen. The cells remain close to the surface and are easily eluted.

Certified immunosuppressants and interference
Collection swabs are certified DNase, RNase-free and human-free DNA. They also do not have any PCR inhibitors. Certificate of analysis for each batch of manufacturing.

Highly suitable for automation 4N6
DNA swabs release only a small amount of fiber during the extraction process compared to conventional filament wound swabs. This avoids any risk of the pipette tip and probe blockage used by the liquid handling robot.

One-time DNA sampling flocking swab

1. Designed for DNA micro-samples on crime scenes, especially for micro-samples such as sweat, semen, blood, dander, and oral cells.

2. It can quickly absorb a small amount of sample and has high efficiency when released.

3. The front end is sharp, suitable for the extraction of cells in the nails of crime victims or criminal suspects.

4. The back end of the swab can be broken to facilitate the extraction of samples by the automated extraction workstation.

5. The entire swab is packaged in a clear plastic tube to avoid biofouling.

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