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Precautions for throat swab

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Precautions for throat swab

Collection site of throat swab

First of all, we detect the site is the oropharynx, according to experts, our respiratory tract is divided into upper respiratory tract and lower respiratory tract, upper respiratory tract includes nasopharynx. The lower respiratory tract includes the bronchus, trachea and lungs. We know that nucleic acid detection is a basis for pathogen diagnosis, and the general nucleic acid detection specimen is to collect deep sputum for specimen detection.

How many throat swabs are there?

Pharyngeal swab is divided into nasopharyngeal swab and oropharyngeal swab. Generally speaking, the throat swab is collected from the mouth and the nasopharynx swab is collected from the nose. At present, most hospitals use oropharyngeal swab, because the oropharyngeal swab is convenient to collect, and the pain for patients is also small.

Precautions before throat swab

① It is recommended that you bring some water. As the weather is dry, it is inevitable to be thirsty during the queuing process. Therefore, you should try to keep your throat moist before the inspection. You can drink a small amount of water, but do not drink water 30 minutes before collection.

② Because throat samples may cause discomfort in the throat, it is not recommended that throat swabs be collected after a full meal or after drinking. It is also important to pay attention not to drink, smoke, chew gum or betel nut 30 minutes before sampling.

③ Avoid strong and light food before sampling.

④ Do not use disinfectant mouthwash or apply anti-inflammatory drugs on the throat (oral cavity) 30 minutes before specimen collection.

⑤ Actively cooperate with doctors to check personal information and inform the patient’s condition, so as to facilitate cooperation.

⑥ In order to improve the accuracy of the results, it is recommended to wear a mask to cover the mouth and nose before sampling, and then slightly raise the head to cooperate with the doctor to say “ah ~” before sampling.

Finally, the new crown epidemic situation is still grim. I hope you can wear masks when you go out and do a good job in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic.

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