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How long does the nucleic acid test produce results

From 2019 so far, the most contacted is the epidemic situation and nucleic acid testing. There are many friends who want to go out to play near National Day, so recently many people are asking how long the nucleic acid test will take before the results come out. Come today. Everyone talk about it.

The test report can be issued within half an hour after the online nucleic acid test?

There are rumors on the Internet thatthe new crown nucleic acid test can produce results in half an hour”, “the new crown test takes only ten minutes” и “the nucleic acid test can also be done at home…There are different opinions, and the editor found some information. Let’s take a look at the process and steps that need to go through from the beginning of the detection to the completion of the results.

Listen to what the experts say:

The staff of Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The nucleic acid test for the new coronavirus is first to collect specimens and then to conduct laboratory testing. The laboratory of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Viral Disease Prevention and Control Institute is based on the national plan for the nucleic acid test of the new coronavirus , The method used is real-time fluorescent RT-PCR. For this method, half an hour is impossible. The well operation time of this experiment also takes about 2-4 Часы. These 2-4 hours are usually understood as the operation time of a single specimen. Laboratories usually carry out bulk specimen operations, often hundreds of specimens are sent for inspection at a time. In terms of the general laboratory scale of a prefecture-level city, the entire process of 500 tests takes 8-10 Часы.

Chen Shuhong, deputy director of the Virus Prevention and Control Institute of the Heilongjiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The whole process refers to an ideal laboratory operation process, which refers to a one-time success; for difficult specimens, repeated testing and even specimen collection are required. Then it will take longer. Laboratory testing: specimen processing, nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification, report issuance. “Four stepstakes time. After the specimen is received, the experimenter will sort, verify, and pre-process the specimen. “Our testing and testing are usually batch testing, one or two hundred samples. First, it may take 2 Кому 3 hours to check and calibrate the samples. Sometimes there are some special samples that need to be processed in advance. Then one or two hundred It takes 3 Кому 4 hours to process a specimen.

Experts said that the report will be available the next day at the earliest:

Experts said that the nucleic acid extraction process really started after thiswhole process”. After nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification is required, which also takes 80 Кому 120 minutes. After the PCR is over, the result is determined, the data is checked, and the report is issued.

So this is also the test report issued by most hospitals or testing institutions will not notify the tested personnel to take the report the next day. There are also some hospitals that are uploaded to the WeChat of the mobile phone or downloaded and viewed on the APP.

The long holiday is approaching. According to the requirements of the epidemic situation, if you do not go out to high-risk areas outside the province, you do not need to do nucleic acid testing. Generally, it is enough to pass thetemperature measurement + health green code”. People must be dealt with in accordance with relevant requirements before they can go out to work or do other things.

The scope ofPersons to be Examinedincludes:

① Suspicious symptoms such as fever;

② The person or family members are close contacts;

(3), within 14 days, the person or his family members have a history of residence and contact with the risk level area of ​​the final draft of the epidemic (including overseas);

. An epidemic has occurred in the community (village) where you live within 21 days.

Remind friends who want to go out to play:

(1), wear a mask, travel with a green code,

(2), healthy travel,

③Do a good job of travel protection,

④ Pay attention to food hygiene,

⑤ Make a record of itinerary,

⑥ Maintain awareness of protection at all times and do a good job of self-health monitoring.

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