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Сколько вы знаете о сроке действия тестирования нуклеиновых кислот?

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Сколько вы знаете о сроке действия тестирования нуклеиновых кислот?

I just performed a nucleic acid test at the place where I was registered, but a few days after finishing the test I have to rush to another city for business trip. I don’t know if I need to do it again after the nucleic acid test I just did in a different place?

1. Do nucleic acid tests need to be done in another city?

Need to be done if necessary.

Nucleic acid testing is to use a sampling swab to collect the patient’s secretions to find whether the patient’s respiratory specimens, Крови, or feces have nucleic acid from foreign viruses to determine whether they are infected by the new coronavirus. (At present, nasal swabs are commonly used in China. And throat swab). Следовательно, once the test is “positive” for nucleic acid, it can prove the presence of the virus in the patient. However, this test may have false positive or false negative results, and even if the tester is currently negative and uninfected, the follow-up will be due to other reasons. If the situation is infected with the virus, it will also be positive. Следовательно, a nucleic acid test does not mean that it is foolproof. It is still necessary to do it after arriving in another city.

2. Do I have to repeat the nucleic acid test after 7 days?

Yes it is. According to theNotice on the Orderly Flow of Recommended Personnel for Accurate Health Managementissued on the official website of the National Health and Medical Commission, it is clearly stated that people with a history of residence in areas with medium and high risk levels must possess nucleic acid within 7 days before arriving at their destination when moving across regions Negative test certificate or be able to show the health pass codegreen codethat contains negative information of nucleic acid test.

If the nucleic acid test is more than 7 days, it needs to be tested again, but generally, after 7 days, you have not been to the epidemic area or contacted suspected patients, so you don’t need to do the nucleic acid test again. Try to wear a mask when you usually go out, and as few as in densely populated places , Wash your hands frequently, and ventilate the house in time.

3. How long is the validity period of nucleic acid testing?

The current stage is valid within seven days.

A nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days is required. This rule is based on the incubation period of the new coronavirus. Generally speaking, the incubation period of the new coronavirus is 3~7 days, and symptoms will be manifested. By the 7th day, the possibility of detection is the greatest, and the probability of being positive at this time is significantly increased; The long incubation period is 14 days, but it is an individual case, so the average value is obtained. В дополнение, the risk of infection is high in endemic areas. Short-term testing can screen out asymptomatic infections as much as possible, meet the requirements of due diligence, and reduce Spread risk.

4. Do I need to isolate after nucleic acid testing?

Decide according to the situation. Negative after the nucleic acid test, it can only mean that there is no problem with the nucleic acid test at the time, but whether it needs to be isolated, whether there is a history of suspicious contact with patients with confirmed new coronavirus, whether they are in a high-risk area, whether there is an epidemiological history, or foreign travel These epidemiological characteristics such as residence history are related. If the person being tested comes from a high-risk area or has a history of close contact with new coronary pneumonia, even if the test results are qualified, they still need to be isolated.

В дополнение, for high-risk groups, a negative nucleic acid test cannot be completely ruled out. Because of nucleic acid collection specimens, false negatives may occur. Следовательно, it is recommended that the nucleic acid be checked again after 24 Часы. During this period, isolation and precautions should also be carried out in accordance with the requirements.

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