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Saliva sample collection is a relatively acceptable sampling method, which quickly became popular for obtaining DNA/RNA samples without harming the human body and painlessly and non-invasively. Because this collection method will not bring any inconvenience to the sampled person.

Advantages of saliva collector:

1. Simple: The product sampling process is simple, fast and easy to operate.

2. Flexibility: Before blood collection, it was only possible to go to a hospital or a testing institution, but the saliva collector can be easily collected in the laboratory, at home, and in the outpatient clinic.

3. Easy to store: The sample after sampling is stable, can be stored at room temperature, and is very convenient for transportation.

4. Applicable to a wide range of people: This method is suitable for all kinds of people, especially for children and patients who do not meet the conditions for blood sampling.

5. Safety: This method can collect samples non-invasively and reduce the chance of infection.

6. Efficient: Sample processing is easier to purify automatically, and more DNA/RNA of better quality can be obtained.

The saliva collector can be used to collect saliva samples secreted by the oral cavity, and evenly mix the collected saliva with the saliva preservation fluid, ensuring the integrity of the DNA in the saliva sample and the long-term storage at room temperature. After the sample is extracted, it is used for clinical in vitro diagnosis.

Введение и преимущества сборщика слюны

I say here, because the DNA is not extracted from the saliva itself, but through the exfoliated cells contained in the saliva. Следовательно, when collecting saliva samples, please try to use your tongue to scrape the upper and lower jaw as many times as possible, and use your teeth to scrape the tongue a little to ensure the number of exfoliated cells. It is recommended that there is no behavior that affects the sampling success rate of diet, drinking water, smoking, и т.д.. in the past 30 minutes. The first thing that occurs in the morning is sampling to ensure the sampling success rate.

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