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Меры предосторожности перед мазком из носоглотки

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Меры предосторожности перед мазком из носоглотки:

① Don’t take antibiotics a few days before nasal swab;

② Don’t use disinfectant to clean or smear the nose a few days before making a nasal swab;

③ Don’t smoke a few hours before you do a nasal swab.

Precautions before doing oropharyngeal swab:

① It is recommended to bring some water. Due to the dry weather, it is inevitable to be thirsty in the process of queuing. Следовательно, it is necessary to keep the throat as moist as possible before the inspection. You can drink as little water as possible, but do not drink water 30 minutes before the collection.

② Because throat samples may cause throat discomfort, it is not recommended to collect throat swabs after a full meal or after drinking, and it is important to pay attention not to drink, smoke, chew gum or betel nut 30 минут до отбора проб.

③ Before sampling, it is necessary to avoid eating irritating food with strong taste and light diet.

30 minutes before specimen collection, do not use mouthwash of disinfectant or apply anti-inflammatory drugs on the throat (полость рта).

⑤ We should take the initiative to cooperate with the doctor to check personal information and inform the patient of the disease.

⑥ After sampling, you may feel vomiting, but please do not spit everywhere. It is recommended that you take paper with you, spit in the paper, wrap it in the paper, and put it in a unified garbage can for disinfection. After getting home, do personal disinfection all the time, such as washing hands, washing clothes, и т.д..

Finally, although COVID-19 is basically stable in the country, there will still be confirmed cases. I hope you will do well in the work of epidemic prevention.

How to do a good job of epidemic prevention?

① Wash hands frequently.

② Wear masks scientifically

③ Pay attention to cough etiquette

④ Less aggregation

⑤ Civilized dining

1 meter line

⑦ The house is often ventilated

⑧ Cleaning and disinfection

⑨ Keep the toilet clean

⑩ Develop healthy lifestyle and vaccination.

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