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Repeated collection of specimens can increase the positive detection rate.

1. Natural defecation method

After the patient has a natural defecation in a dry and clean bedpan (avoid sitting or squatting toilets),

Pick 2~3g of stool with pus, blood and mucus (1~3ml of floc for liquid stool) and put it in a sterile urinal box for inspection.

If there is no mucus, pus or blood, collect more points on the stool for examination.

2. Rectal swab method (patients or infants who have difficulty defecation)

Wash the area around the anus with soapy water, and insert a sampling swab moistened with sterile saline into the anus 4~5cm (2~3cm for children).

The sampling swab is in contact with the surface of the rectal mucosa. Rotate the swab gently, and stool can be clearly seen on the swab. After inserting the sampling swab with the stool specimen into the virus sampling tube, break the swab near the breaking point, tighten the tube cap, and submit for inspection immediately.

Specimen collection and requirements

As far as possible, the collection of specimens should be collected in a wide-mouth toilet box and sealed with a lid before applying antimicrobial treatment.

If considering Campylobacter jejuni, Campylobacter sanguis agar medium is required. Clostridium difficile needs to survive in an anaerobic environment. It is recommended to collect and inoculate specimens at the bedside. The inoculated specimens were immediately placed in an anaerobic bag and sent to the laboratory.

Labels and application forms

The application form should include the patient’s name, medical record number, date and time of collection, diagnosis, relevant travel history, и т.д.. Specimen identification requires a unique identification number or barcode. The label on the specimen should include the patient’s name, medical record number, collection time, и т.д.. The fresh specimens submitted for inspection should report the characteristics of the stool, and the presence of blood on the surface or in the specimen should also be noted.

Specimen transportation

1. Stool specimens should be submitted for testing as soon as possible. The virus preservation solution can be stored for no more than 30 days at room temperature.

2. If it cannot be submitted for inspection in time, it should be stored at -20 degrees Celsius for freezing

3. If it is highly suspected that it is infected with a contagious virus and needs to be transported by special personnel, it must meet the safety requirements of special specimens.

Clinical sampling characteristics that need to be collected for stool specimens:

The patient has abdominal pain, diarrhea (watery stool, pus and blood in the stool), or accompanied by fever; routine stool examination is abnormal, it is recommended to collect stool specimens for bacterial culture.

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