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Product name: sponge swab

product structure:

The sponge swab consists of a sponge head and a swab rod. It can be used as a tool for applying drugs or disinfectants when disinfecting the skin and wounds. It does not contain drugs or disinfectants.

Product features and performance description:

expected usage:

Used for topical application of disinfectants to the skin, institutional wounds and equipment at the surgical or puncture site


① Good water absorption; sterilization treatment, better effect;
②The sponge swab material is stronger than ordinary plastic rods, and it is convenient to use. Taboos and precautions
① This product is a one-time use medical product, only for one-time use;
② The product inner packaging is damaged and cannot be used directly;
③ Please use it up as soon as possible after opening the package to avoid contamination. Destroy it immediately or throw it into a professional disposal box after use;
④ The user can choose whether to use after sterilization according to the purpose;
. Please place this product out of reach of children.

Product maintenance and storage:

(1), product shelf life: 2 лет
(2). Storage conditions: the packaged swabs should be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool, away from heat source, no corrosive gas, and away from fire sources.
(3). Product maintenance and maintenance methods: This product should be dust-proof, moisture-proof and pollution-proof during storage and transportation.

Disposal of waste packaging paper (bag):

Please dispose of the outer packaging of this product according to local laws and regulations, and classify the garbage.

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