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What are the advantages of flocking swabs compared to traditional swabs, let’s take a look.

Traditional cotton swabs trap the sample in a fibrous matrix, and the collected samples can only release 20-30% of the amount, while the samples collected by flocking swabs can release up to 95%, especially when collecting very small samples. It is very important to be able to release enough useful samples.

Compared with flocking swabs, most of the samples collected by traditional cotton swabs are trapped in the fiber matrix at the end of the swab, which greatly affects the results of the test.

product advantages

1. Ergonomic and anatomical design

In order to improve the comfort of patients and the efficiency of cell specimen collection.

2. Improve the sensitivity of detection

Flocking swabs proved to be able to quickly eluate >95% of the original samples, easily improving the sensitivity of detection.

3. Convenient to collect, break, and then transport

Open the package, collect the cell sample, and then break off the broken part of the swab into the transport medium or the provided test tube.

4. Certified as no inhibitor and interference

Sampling swabs are certified as being free of ribonuclease (RNase), deoxyribonuclease (DNase) and human deoxyribonucleic acid, and no PCR inhibitors.

5. Very suitable for automation

Compared with traditional twisted fiber swabs, 4N6 DNA swabs release only a small amount of fiber during the extraction process. This avoids the risk of clogging of the washing liquid pipes and probes used by any liquid sampling robot.

6. Absorb quickly

The flocking method of sampling spray and electrostatic charge enables millions of nylon fibers to be attached vertically and evenly to the end of the handle. The capillary action between the nylon fiber bundles is conducive to the strong hydraulic absorption of the liquid sample. The sample is held on the surface of the fiber for easier elution.

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