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Saliva, commonly known as saliva, is a colorless and thin liquid excreted by the oral cavity and internal glands, with a pH of 6.6 Кому 7.1. An adult can excrete 1000 Кому 1500 ml of saliva throughout the day and night.

Human saliva composition and function: 99% of human saliva is water, followed by amylase, peroxidase, mucin, phospholipids, phosphoprotein amino acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other substances. These substances have the functions of digesting food, antibacterial, and protecting gastric mucosa.

Disadvantages of saliva: Saliva can also spread diseases through the human body with germs.

What can the saliva sampled by the saliva collector be used for?

1. Check AIDS: Whether the body is infected with HIV, can be adulterated from saliva, the method is quick and easy to replace.

2. Predicting ovulation: Regardless of whether women are breastfeeding or not, the glucose content in their saliva is sharply added 5 days before and 6 days before ovulation. Таким образом,, the ovulation period can be predicted, which is helpful for contraception or fertility.

3. Disease prevention and cancer prevention: The mucus protein in saliva can neutralize part of the gastric acid, cause precipitation, attach to the gastric mucosa, form a protective layer, absorb peptic ulcers, and even kill or inhibit Staphylococcus, Salmonella typhi, and large intestine Bacillus, hemolytic streptococcus, и так далее., and subsequently greatly reduce the toxicity of carcinogens such as aflatoxin, benzopyrene and nitrosamines, and even become harmless substances.

4. Healing wounds: Nerve growth factors and epidermal growth factors in saliva become a large number of accumulations in the injured area, and together with the proliferated capillaries to repair the wound, in addition to the continuous production of collagen fibers, so as to promote hemostasis and wound healing.

Benefits of using saliva samples: In blood samples, saliva samples are easier to obtain, convenient, safe, and painless. The non-invasive method of collecting saliva samples reduces the risk of contamination and increases the convenience of sampling and inspection. Take samples by themselves. The saliva samples collected by the saliva collector can be in the saliva preservation fluid, which can replace blood DNA and spread widely. Epidemiological discussion, characteristic medicine, drug response monitoring, genetic disease diagnosis, disease prediction and healthy life counseling.

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