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Our nasal swabs use jet-type fibrous technology, which is popular in the market. It can absorb more effective samples, increase and release cell samples, and samples with high rates are easier to fall off, allowing the final analysis The result is more accurate.

The collection effect of the swab can be turned a few times. The 20% sampling and release rate of the traditional swab is from the 95% collection and release rate of the previous quality, thus ensuring the quality of the results.

The nasal inhaler adopts a medical ABS plastic rod with a breakable design, which is convenient for airplane transportation. The sticks are heated, sterilized, индивидуально упакованные, using air sampling tubes, which are convenient for transportation and can be stored often.

Шэньчжэнь Huachenyang Технологии Ко, ООО. was established on June 20, 2008. The company is located in Baoan District, Guangdong Province. The company area is 5,000 square meters, the company area is 5,000 square meters, and the registered capital is 5,000,000,000 for testing, molecular diagnosis, medical testing, and virus testing. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the research, production and sales of the first, second and third types of medical device products.

Huachenyang Technology collects biological samples to collect and preserve medical products. It is a well-known professional manufacturer of medical preservation products. The company has 52 патенты, 30 of which have been transformed into the market. The main products are in-depth genetic testing, biopharmaceuticals, large first-class hospitals, exit pupil inspection and quarantine, diagnosis, disease control centers, public security criminal investigations, forensic identification and other medical institutions. The company has successively cooperated with more than 30 domestic universities, more than 50 national scientific research institutions, more than 200 tertiary hospitals, and more than 600 hospitals. A good cooperative relationship has been established between two disease control centers and more than 1,000 genetic testing and medical testing institutions.

The company’s independent research and development products include: yoyo use straws, powder suction, medical cotton swabs, preservation fluid, saliva collection device, cell suction device, yeast sampler, result applicator, and sample preservation solution. The company’s products have obtained China NMPA, EU CE, U.S. FDA EUA, SGS, TUV, TGA, ISO13485 certification qualifications, with multi-national product registered trademark exclusive rights and sales rights, products are exported to 120 countries in Europe, America, Asia, entertainment, и т.д., and have won praise and recognition from customers.

Huachenyang Technology Co, ООО. has become Shenzhen’s corporate culture of “original innovation, winning for success, science and technology”, “quality first, truth-seeking innovation, honesty and law-abiding, and win-win cooperation”. Save the product industry benchmark!

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