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Каковы характеристики стекаются тампоны

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Каковы характеристики стекаются тампоны

The top of the flocking swab is made of nylon fibers. The nylon fibers are sequentially attached to the surface of the medical ABS rod through an electrostatic field. The layers are completely parallel between the layers and perpendicular to the surface of the inner rod for DNA collection.

The principle of flocking swab in DNA collection and precipitation

1. Through the directional friction effect of the swab fiber layer, the cell sample can be completely captured.

2. Since the cell samples are concentrated near the surface of the swab fiber, more than 95% of the sample can be released eventually.

3. The capillary movement between the nylon fibers at the top of the flocking swab forms a powerful hydraulic pressure, which is used to absorb liquid or cell samples.

What are the advantages of flocking swabs for DNA collection?

1. Sample collection process: The unique structure on the top of the swab can greatly increase the number of samples collected.

2. Sample dissolution process: Because the samples collected by the swab are basically on the surface of the swab, 95% can be released, which means that almost all samples can be washed out.

Why flocking swabs are more beneficial for micro-DNA collection

1. The top of the traditional cotton swab is an internal structure wound with cotton fibers. When sampling, the fiber clusters are dispersed and remain on the fibers, resulting in a decrease in the extraction efficiency of the original low-content DNA, and may even lead to false negative results in the test.

2. The top of the flocking swab has a unique structure, which can almost completely extract and separate trace DNA. Следовательно, the flocking swab has a more obvious advantage in collecting trace DNA.

How to use flocking swabs

1. Open the swab package first, take out the swab carefully, and take care not to touch anything else before sampling to prevent contamination.

2. Place a swab on the part where the sample is needed, and sample by retention, rotation or friction.

3. Gently take out the swab. Generally, put the swab into the virus sampling tube, break it at the point where the swab breaks, throw away the end of the swab, tighten the cap, and send it for inspection as soon as possible.

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