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На что нужно обратить внимание при мазках из орофарингеи

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На что нужно обратить внимание при мазках из орофарингеи

Pharyngeal swabs are divided into nasopharyngeal swabs and oropharyngeal swabs. Generally, those collected from the mouth are called oropharyngeal swabs, and those collected from the nose are called nasopharyngeal swabs. At present, most hospitals use oropharyngeal swabs, because the oropharyngeal swabs are easy to collect and are less painful for patients.

Things to note when sampling oropharyngeal swabs:

1. First, check personal information with the subject before sampling.

2. Check the patient’s name again after sampling.

3. Put it in a sealed bag and a special transfer box, and quickly send the sample to the laboratory for inspection.

4. Because collecting a sample of the throat may cause throat discomfort, it is not recommended that you take a swab after a full meal or after drinking alcohol, and you must pay attention to not drinking, smoking, or chewing gum 30 minutes before sampling Or betel nuts and so on.

5. Before sampling, avoid irritating and strong-tasting foods and eat lightly.

6. 30 minutes before the specimen collection, do not use disinfectant mouthwash or apply anti-inflammatory drugs to the throat area.

7. The doctor should actively cooperate with the doctor to check personal information and inform the condition of the illness, so as to facilitate cooperation.

8. In order to improve the accuracy of the results, it is recommended to wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose and cough before sampling, and then raise your head slightly and cooperate with the doctor to sayAh~for collection.

9. You may feel vomiting after collection, but please do not spit anywhere. It is recommended that you bring paper with you, wrap the spit in paper, and put it in a unified trash can for disinfection. After arriving home, always do personal disinfection, such as washing hands, laundry, и т.д..


1. When putting the swab into the tube, it should be placed vertically, and don’t wipe it to the bottle mouth to avoid contamination. When putting it in the transfer box, it should be placed vertically to avoid liquid leakage.

2. It is best to send/sent to the laboratory for inspection on the day of sampling.

3. Before submitting for inspection, the appropriate specimen must be consistent with the submitted inspection form. The appearance of the sampling tube must be clear and well-known basic information.

4. Specimens without basic information cannot be tested; the submitted specimens must be submitted (or submitted in advance in the electronic version) of the screening information form , Submit the inspection form and other materials. The submitted materials should be ensured not to be contaminated and not to be placed together with the specimen.

5. In order to prevent sectioning during sampling, it should be avoided within 2 hours after the patient has eaten. The collection action is gentle, steady and agile to prevent discomfort to the patient.

6. During the collection process, the throat swab should not touch other parts to ensure the accuracy of the specimen.

7. When you decide to do a throat swab, please do not use antibacterial drugs.

8. The depth of throat swab collection and the length of mucosal contact time. When collecting throat swabs, if the subject’s vomiting reaction is relatively large, the sampling time is not enough or poor quality swabs are used, which may cause false negatives and delay treatment.

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