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Что такое стадный тампон? The top of the flocking swab is a nylon fiber structure, and the nylon fibers are sequentially deposited on the surface of the plastic rod in a certain direction through an electrostatic field to form a brush-shaped layer, the layers being substantially parallel and perpendicular to the inner rod. The surface of the DNA is collected through this brush head. At present, COPAN4N6 FLOQSwabs flocking swabs have been patented in many countries and regions such as China, the United States, and Japan. What are the advantages of flocking swabs to collect DNA? Sample collection process: The unique structure of the top of the flocked swab can greatly increase the number of samples collected. Sample precipitation process: The brush layer structure can release nearly all of the collected samples.

Yangjiang DNA Sampling Set Brand Enterprise, Genetic Testing Precautions First, the convenient sampling of genetic testing is saliva, followed by blood. Настоящее время, it is more popular to collect saliva samples for testing. It is more convenient and free to collect saliva compared with blood. And the user's acceptance is higher. Do not eat, smoke or chew gum for a range of foods for 30-40 minutes before extracting saliva samples. DNA is extracted through the exfoliated cells contained in the saliva, not the saliva itself. Следовательно, when collecting saliva samples, you should use the tongue as much as possible to scrape the upper and lower jaws as much as possible. В то же время, you can use your teeth to scrape the tongue slightly to ensure the number of exfoliated cells. Ensure that you have not eaten, drinking, smoking, и т.д.. in the past 30 minutes, which affects the sampling success rate. It is recommended that the first thing to get up in the morning is to sample and ensure the sampling success rate. It is important to note that you should not rinse your mouth with mouthwash before sampling, and it is not recommended to sample after the mouthwash.

HPV testing When the significance of cytology results is unclear (clinically known as ASCUS), medical experts recommend that women of any age should be sampled with HPV samplers and undergo HPV testing. HPV infection can be lurking for months or even years before causing cervical lesions. If the cytology results are normal, but the HPV test is positive, suggesting that there may be a risk of cervical cancer, medical experts recommend that review should be done after one year. If the HPV test results continue to be positive, further evaluation is necessary regardless of the cytology results. Combined cytology and HPV testing for regular screening, cervical cancer is almost 100% preventable.

What are the advantages of Huachenyang's cervical sampling swabs compared with traditional cotton swabs? Which sample collection of HPV testing is used to collect cervical epithelial exfoliated cells as a test sample. The price of cotton swabs is cheaper. Why not use cotton swabs for sample collection? What are the advantages of Medico's cervical sampling swabs compared with traditional cotton swabs? 1. The friction of cotton is small, the amount of cells collected is insufficient, and the water absorption of cotton often leads to dehydration and degeneration of cells, affecting the observation of cells. 2. Cotton often adsorbs more mucus, which leads to cell accumulation during smear, which makes it difficult to prepare samples and preserve samples. 3. Although the spade scraper avoids the shortcomings of the cotton swab, the amount of cells collected is still low, resulting in a higher false negative result, resulting in a higher rate of missed diagnosis.

Шэньчжэнь Huachenyang Технологии Ко, ООО. is specialized in "one-time sampling swab|saliva collector|chlorhexidine cotton swab|chlorhexidine applicator", the company adheres to the "integrity management, service" concept for you Provide quality products and services. Welcome to inquire! Huachen Yangshui, technology research and development of biological products; domestic trade; import and export of goods and technology. Sales of medical equipment and medical consumables; production of medical equipment and medical consumables.

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