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Карта сбора образцов ДНК

» Карта сбора образцов ДНК

Что такое карта сбора образцов ДНК Хуачэнян

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Карта сбора образцов ДНК
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Что такое карта сбора образцов ДНК Хуачэнян

The Карта сбора образцов ДНК is a special filter paper, which is soaked with a patented formula of strong denaturant and chelating agent. The fibrous matrix contains special chemical substances, which automatically tear them when they are captured and combine with nucleic acids to maintain the integrity of the DNA in the sample, protect the nucleic acids from degradation, and protect them from nucleases, oxidants and ultraviolet rays. Can prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

DNA collection cards have a wide range of applications, such as DNA collection, storage and transportation, medical identification and clinical diagnosis, and foodborne pathogen detection.

DNA collection, storage and transportation:

The DNA acquisition card can be used for DNA extraction and PCR operations in forensic and paternity testing, and an easy-to-use automatic DNA extraction program can be established by using automatic instruments for DNA extraction. Especially for the blood collection process of high-risk groups, the need for blood samples for testing can be greatly reduced, infectious bacteria or viruses can be inactivated, the operator is prevented from being contaminated, and the protection of blood collection personnel can be strengthened. В дополнение, DNA collection cards can also be used to extract DNA from crime scenes, plant samples, animal DNA samples, и т.д..

Medical identification and clinical diagnosis:

It can be used to detect diseases caused by bacteria or viruses, as well as genetic disease analysis and tumor detection. For areas with poor medical conditions, blood samples of patients cannot be tested in time, the blood samples can be stored on the DNA collection card, and then transported or mailed to the testing equipment for testing. For infectious biological samples, the process of storing them on the DNA collection card will be ineffective, so the safety is high.

Food-borne pathogen detection:

The detection of pathogenic bacteria in traditional food takes a long time and the detection process is cumbersome. Due to the high sensitivity and short detection time of PCR technology, it is more and more widely used in the field of foodborne pathogens. Using a DNA capture card in sample collection can lyse bacterial cells, absorb DNA, and reduce or eliminate other PCR reactions. The factors that affect the risk also ensure the safety of long-distance transportation.


1. Inactivate pathogenic microorganisms or viruses in the sample to avoid contaminating operators.

2. DNA samples can be stored for a long time at room temperature without refrigeration, which greatly reduces the cost of DNA storage.

3. Suitable for long-distance transportation or mailing of DNA samples at room temperature.

4. The sample can be used for the detection of a variety of target DNA, and can be used multiple times, easy to check and recheck.

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