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Standard method for nucleic acid detection and sampling of oropharyngeal swabs

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Standard method for nucleic acid detection and sampling of oropharyngeal swabs

① Ask the patient to sit down, tilt his head back, grow his mouth, and make a “Ah~~” sound

②The sampler should use a disposable sampling swab (preferably a flocking swab), cross the tongue to the back wall of the pharynx, tonsil crypts, side walls, etc.

③ Use the swab to wipe the back wall of the pharynx for 3-5 times to collect mucosal cells (sputum sample absorbed by the swab)

④Gently take the swab out of the patient’s mouth, and don’t touch the tongue, pendant, oral mucosa and saliva to avoid contamination

⑤ Put the swab gently and vertically into the virus sampling tube, and do not touch the tube wall to avoid contamination

⑥ Gently break the swab at the breaking point at the mouth of the tube, and discard the broken tail of the swab

⑦Close the lid of the virus sampling tube and check the patient’s information to avoid mixing

⑧Put the collected virus sampling tube vertically into the shipping box to prevent leakage

⑨Send to the laboratory for inspection in time or as soon as possible.

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