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The epidemic is under control, do you still need a throat swab

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The epidemic is under control, do you still need a throat swab?

An epidemic broke out in 2020. A medical product called a throat swab broke into people’s sight. As we all know, throat swabs can be used for nucleic acid tests to see if they are infected with the new coronavirus. But the current epidemic is under control in China, do you still need a throat swab? Today, the editor has compiled some information, let’s take a look

Use of throat swab:

First of all, throat swabs existed before the outbreak of this epidemic. The previous throat swab examinations were mainly used to check the throat diphtheria, acute suppurative tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis and other important examination methods. The specific operation is to press the patient’s tongue with a tongue depressor, suck a little throat secretions with a clean cotton swab, and then check it under a microscope. These secretions can also be used in drug sensitivity experiments to find harmful bacteria that settle in the throat, and provide clinical help for the next diagnosis and drug guidance. There is a certain degree of discomfort in the throat swab. Some patients will have a mild pharyngeal reflex during the throat swab examination, but it can be tolerated, so a throat swab examination is very necessary. More importantly, during the epidemic, the throat swab will take secretions to check whether it carries the new coronavirus.

It is autumn and winter, and the climate is relatively dry. Therefore, this season, more children are prone to throat inflammation, sore throat when swallowing food, loss of voice due to throat inflammation, bronchitis, nasopharyngitis, etc. The symptoms of pharyngitis are the pathogenic microorganisms that cause pharyngitis, mainly viruses and occasionally bacteria. A throat swab test can quickly detect whether the pathogen causing the infection is a bacteria or a virus. How is this test performed? Let us take a look at the following:

How to use a throat swab:

①The collector is assisted by a tongue depressor. The collector opened his mouth and made an “ah” sound. The upper jaw hangs down, exposing the back wall of the pharynx. The swab passes through the base of the tongue and reaches the throat stenosis lesion. Quickly wipe off the bow, pharynx and tonsils of secretions on both sides.
②Put the swab into the virus transmission medium, and break the swab stick with the auxiliary tube cover to put it into the tube completely.
③. Tighten the cap, mark it, put it in a plastic bag and seal it.
④. Send specimens for inspection in time.

How to determine if it is infected?

Let us take bacteria as an example. If the normal test result is positive, it means that the bacteria have been found and the correct medicine can be directly prescribed; but if the test is negative, it means that the bacteria need to be cultured, and the bacteria need to be cultured for about 24 hours to obtain the result. If the result of the bacterial culture is still negative, it means you have been infected. However, this ordinary testing process is very long for the patient. When the patient first visits the doctor, the throat swab can quickly identify the pathogen and basically determine the medication plan before the patient is discharged. This is a convenient, non-invasive and fast inspection method. But it needs to be reminded that this quick test is not 100%. If the quality of the throat swab is poor, false negatives are likely to occur

Here in autumn and winter, the weather gradually gets colder. Friends should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm. Don’t ignore the behavior of temperature. In addition, many experts said that this epidemic may break out again in autumn and winter, but this is an unknown. Take protective measures first to protect yourself.

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