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Throat swab specimen collection method of operation

8月 14, 2018

1) Nurses check doctor’s orders, prepare ready-to-use materials, and label them with the department, ward, bed number, name, hospital number, inspection purpose, inspection date, etc.

2) Bring all-in-one to the bedside, check the patient, explain the purpose and method of taking swab specimen of pharynx, in order to obtain the patient’s cooperation and eliminate the tension.

3) kindle the alcohol lamp, ask the patient to open the mouth with “ah” sound to expose the throat, and use the tongue depressor when necessary.

4) remove the aseptic long cotton swabs from pharyngeal swabs and wipe out the secretions of both palatal arch and pharynx and tonsil.

5) use alcohol lamp to sterilize mouth and plug, insert cotton swab into culture tube, and cover tightly.

6) check again, resettlement of patients, cleaning up objects.

7) wash hands, record, and send specimens together with the check list in time.

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