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With the arrival of autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere, the control of NCV is still facing severe challenges. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (who), in the short three days from October 8 to October 10, the number of patients with the new crown in the world increased by 1 million. After the National Day in China, Qingdao also added 9 cases

Recently, I saw a lot of questions about throat swabs in the backstage. Today, I’ll sort it out. All you want to know is here

Q1: what is a throat swab? /What is a throat swab?

A1: pharyngeal swab is used to check whether the throat lesions and throat sampling swab is throat swab, it can be said that it is a detection method to understand the patient’s condition, oral mucosa and pharyngeal infection. Because the throat in the body’s whole body or local resistance to decline, or by external bacterial infection caused by infection resulting in lesions, we need to see a doctor to collect some cells or viruses to observe, so as to understand the patient’s disease. (please refer to the article throat swab for details)

Q2: how much is throat swab test (nucleic acid test)?

A2: public medical institutions are tentatively set at 40 yuan / person time (excluding nucleic acid detection reagents), and the charging standard of third-party testing institutions is not higher than 160 yuan / person time (including nucleic acid detection reagents). However, some regions stipulate that once the diagnosis is free, the suspected diagnosis needs to be charged, and the price standard of each place is different. How much does a nucleic acid test cost

Q3: what disease does pharyngeal swab check commonly?

A3: throat swab is commonly used in the clinical examination of bacterial or fungal inflammation of the throat, such as chronic laryngitis, mycoplasma infection, Candida throat, inflammatory diphtheria, acute suppurative tonsillitis, acute laryngitis and other important examination methods of pharyngeal diseases. It is mainly suitable for bacterial culture to identify the pathogenic pathogens of the above diseases and provide guidance for the next step diagnosis and medication Provide clinical help. When patients have recurrent throat pain, throat discomfort, itching, swallowing pain and other symptoms, we can clearly know which pathogenic bacteria cause pharyngeal inflammation and which antibiotics the bacteria are sensitive to or resistant to. It can provide a strong basis for clinicians to use antibiotics.

Q4. What is the collection method of throat swab? /How to collect oropharyngeal swabs? /How to take throat swab? /

A4: ① with the help of tongue depressor, the subjects opened their mouth and made “ah” sound. The palatal lobe was lifted up to expose the posterior pharyngeal wall. The swab crossed the root of the tongue and reached the pharyngeal narrow lesion. Quickly wipe the palatal arch, pharyngeal and tonsillar secretions on both sides.

② Put the swab into the virus transport medium, and break the swab rod with the aid of the cap, and put it completely in the tube.

③ Tighten the pipe cover, mark it and put it into a plastic bag for sealing.

④ The specimens were sent for examination in time. (please refer to the article nucleic acid sampling throat swab operation for details)

Q5: how long does throat swab test result? /How long does the nucleic acid test produce results? Throat swab in an hour?

A5: pharyngeal swab test can give results in one day. (for details, please refer to the article on how long the results of nucleic acid detection are given)

Q6: how to collect throat swab specimens?

A6: throat swab sampling:

① First, check the personal information with the subject.

② And then tear the coat package of the sampling swab and take out the sampling swab;

③ Let the subject open his mouth and make a sound to expose his throat. If necessary, press the tongue with a tongue depressor (gently press the front 2 / 3 and the back 1 / 3 of the tongue);

④ Take out the sterile swab, gently and quickly wipe bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall for 3 times, and put the swab head into the preservation solution,

⑤ At the mouth of the preservation tube, the tail of the swab was buckled off, the tail was discarded, and the tube cap was tightened and covered (aseptic operation was strictly carried out),

⑥ Check the patient’s name again after sampling;

⑦ Put them into sealed bags and special transfer boxes, and quickly send the samples to the laboratory for inspection. (for details, please refer to the precautions of throat swab collection standard)

Q7: where is the throat swab collected? Picture of throat swab sampling section

In general, we do nucleic acid detection is the nasopharynx or oropharynx, because the culture of normal people’s pharyngeal isthmus should have normal oral flora, and no pathogenic bacteria grow. Pharyngeal bacteria are from the outside world, under normal circumstances, it is not pathogenic, but in the body’s whole body or local resistance decline and other external factors can lead to infection and other diseases. Therefore, bacterial culture of throat swab can isolate pathogenic bacteria. Pharyngeal swab culture specimens were collected before antibiotic treatment. Pharynx is the pathway of respiration and food, so it is better to get up in the morning. Do not gargle with disinfectants or daub the lesion within hours before sampling. Avoid touching mouth, tongue mucosa and saliva. The tonsillar fossa should be taken from the tonsil.

(for details, please refer to the site and collection method of nucleic acid collection throat swab)

Q8: what level of protection is used for throat swab collection?

A8: now the epidemic situation is not so tense. The general hospital is the second level protection. In addition to the second level protection, there is the most rigorous three-level protection. The third level protection generally depends on whether the hospital has such conditions… (for details, please refer to the article on how many levels of protection are used for throat swab collection.)

Q9: which one is throat swab or blood drawing?

A9: throat swab is accurate, because we all know that the new coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets and contact. In addition, ACE2 receptor is necessary for the invasion of new coronavirus in the respiratory tract. Therefore, the respiratory tract of an infected person is the main portal for the invasion of new coronavirus, and the infected person will happen

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