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In recent years, the trend of using buccal swabs for DNA testing has gradually increased. In the past few years, there were no special tools for collecting oral cells in China. They only used general medical cotton swabs. Different people collected somatic cells from the oral cavity in scrubbing frequency, amplitude, cutting amount of specimens and increasing templates. There is a certain deviation in the amount, which causes the storage effect of the DNA of the sampling swab at room temperature to be unstable, which greatly affects the subsequent storage and detection results.

The toothbrush-type oral swab introduced by Huachenyang not only solves the problem of high efficiency of cell collection and storage, there is no need to worry about certain deviations caused by such factors as the frequency and amplitude of scrubbing, which will affect the subsequent storage and test results.


1. The novel push head design allows the swab to be easily sampled and push it directly into the sampling tube, and the sampling swab head will fall into the sampling tube, making it easier to operate.

2. Huachenyang oral swabs use polyester fiber technology, which speeds up the absorption of samples and speeds up the release of samples.

3. Maximum sample elution and transfer, especially for the collection of trace DNA samples.

4. Different preservation solutions can be selected for different types of specimens.

5. Adopt internationally universal medical dialysis paper-plastic packaging which is convenient for sterilization.

6. Special treatment with antibacterial agent to prevent microbial contamination.

7. Independent packaging, sterile, no inhibitors, to ensure reliable results.

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