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What factors should be considered when choosing a high-quality swab?

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What factors should be considered when choosing a high-quality swab?

It is best to use flocking swabs, because compared with ordinary cotton swabs, flocking swabs can collect clinical microbial specimens better, and it is easier to transport than cotton swabs. It is necessary to select those that are non-toxic to microorganisms, reach the medical level, and can collect and release specimens to the greatest extent. The swab should be odorless, tasteless, white and flawless.

Advantages of Huachenyang oral swabs:

1. With extraordinary water absorption capacity, the number of specimens collected on the surface is greatly increased, which is three times that of traditional swabs;

2. The release rate of the collected specimens exceeds 90%, thus ensuring the accuracy of the specimen results;

3. For different types of specimens, different preservation solutions can be selected for sampling.

Sampling methods for oral swabs:

1. Before sampling: Please do not eat anything, smoke, drink, etc. 30 minutes before sampling;

2. Tear open the outer packaging of the oral swab and carefully take out the oral swab;

3. Grasp the swab handle, extend the swab into the left oral cavity, wipe up and down with the strength of brushing, so that the head of the swab fully touches the oral mucosa, repeat this action for 1 minute;

4. Use the same method to sample the second swab on the right cheek;

5. Dry the swab stained with cells from the oral cavity in a clean and ventilated place, and put the swab into the long tube of the swab to complete the sampling;

6. Fill in the detailed information on the long tube label of the swab, put the swab tube into the biological sample safety bag, and then fill in the relevant sampling information in the biological sample safety bag.

7. Submit for inspection in time.

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