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We all know that the top of the flocking swab is a nylon fiber structure. The nylon fiber is attached to the surface of the medical ABS plastic rod by an electrostatic field to form a brush-like layer. The layers are fully parallel and perpendicular to the surface of the inner rod. The brush head performed DNA collection.

Flocking swabs use the existing technology “spraying technology”, that is, millions of nylon fibers are vertically attached to the head of the medical swab stick during the flocking process through electrostatic charge. The vertical nylon fibers resemble a soft brush. If this soft brush is used in the sampling process, the user will not feel a foreign body during use. In addition, depending on the location, the flocking swab used has different breaking points, and the thickness of the swab rod is also different. Therefore, there is a big difference in softness. For example, for nasal swabs, the upper end of the swab rod is thin and soft, and the breaking point is also relatively rear.

The flocked swab can completely capture the cell sample through the directional friction effect of the brush-like fiber layer, and the capillary movement between the nylon fibers at the front of the flocked swab can form a strong hydraulic pressure for absorbing liquid or cell line samples. The sample can also be uniformly and neatly concentrated on the near surface of the brush fiber, so that more than 95% of the sample can be released in the end.

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